Seamless Shopping Experience

We provide retailers and grocers an online e-commerce
platform fully customized to fit their specific needs to better serve their
customers and increase sales by expanding their market.

Keffys allows customers in various locations to place orders from the said vendors though the Keffys website or the Keffys mobile application. Customers globally are able to place orders and make payment in their currency of choice.

Our Story

Keffys was initially founded in 2018 as The idea was developed from the desire to revive an old open-air market in Bibirioni Location, Kiambu County called Gatunyu. Gatunyu was an open-air market in ‘Kambi’, Bibirioni Location, where small scale farmers assembled on set days every week to sell their surplus farm produce.

Gatunyu eventually closed when most of the farmers decided to seek a larger market by joining other small-scale farmers in Limuru Food market. Customers within Bibirioni were now forced to travel further to buy what had been produced within Bibirioni. This inconvenience was what triggered the birth of

Within the early stages of development, there was realization that problem Bibirioni residents were facing spread across the country. The focus then shifted from just Bibirioni to finding a solution for different parts of the country. Gatunyu being a Kikuyu name, it was necessary to find a name that would make everyone feel included.

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