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Keffys Retail

This is a product of a kind. The integration of 3 apps (Keffys, Keffys Retail and Keffys Logistics), makes it possible for shoppers to order directly from local sellers for pickup or home delivery.

Keffys Wholesale

Keffys Whole makes it easier for retailers to place wholesale orders directly to suppliers and manufacturers. This product makes it possible for retailers to compare prices of different wholesale products before the decision to purchase. COMING SOON!

Keffys Mtaani

Keffys Mtaani is a network of agents, known as Keffys Mtaani Agents, that stock Sugar, Rice, Cooking Oil, Maize Flour, Wheat Flour, Laundry Bar Soap, Laundry Powder Detergents and Toilet Papers on behalf of Keffys.

Keffys Pay

Keffys Pay is a convenient, fast, and secure way of sending, collecting and or making payment. Keffys Pay enables registered users to safely store their money in the Keffys Wallet. Users can also pay their utility bills and more. COMING SOON!

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