Keffys Retail

Keffys, conveniently convenient!

Keffys Retail is a combination of websites and mobile applications that all work together to enable customers to conveniently shop online directly from their local shops, restaurants, bookshops, liquor stores, supermarkets, groceries, bakeries, hardware and more.

This product is designed to benefit both the seller and the customer in multiple ways. Customers who use the Keffys shopping app enjoy fast and safe home delivery, convenient pick up at shop option, multiple payment methods including Mpesa, card or cash, shopping list feature that allows them to create and share a shopping lists with family and friends, ability to compare a product's price among several Keffys Vendors in the same location, ability to shop in currency of choice especially for Kenyans in the diaspora.

Retailers selling on Keffys enjoy a global listing giving them visibility to the Kenyans in the diaspora, increased sales, free marketing, an system that allows them to track sales, orders and stock, payments and unpaid orders, analytics, immediate payments directly to the Keffys Wallet for all online orders, features allowing them to easily offer discounts, an internal Point of Sale (POS) making it easier for them to record walk-in/in-store orders, ability to download daily reports in PDF etc.

Visit and enjoy easy, fast and convenient shopping. Keffys, conveniently convenient.

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Keffys Wholesale

Keffys Wholesale is a one stop shop for all retailers and bulk orders consumers. With different warehouses across the country and mobile apps connected to Keffys Retail and Keffys Logistics apps, we are able to offer the best wholesale solution to retailers across the country.This product is coming soon. Please follow our blogs for further updates. 


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Keffys Mtaani

Chochote utakacho, kwa bei nafuu!

Keffys Mtaani is a one stop shop delivering value to families in local communities, commonly known as Mtaa, on daily essentials. We carry high quality products, popular name brands and sell them at low affordable prices. Keffys Mtaani runs on Keffys Retail systems to effectively offer walk-in/in-store services, online orders for pick-up and home delivery services. 

We have brought class, professionalism, efficiency and awesome packaging to the ordinary customer, all while maintaining low prices. WE BELIEVE OUR CUSTOMERS COME FIRST, and seek to provide them with the best possible service.

Why we stand out

Low prices - Fast and safe delivery for all home delivery orders - Pick Up orders ready in 5 minutes - Ever running discounts -Awesome packaging - Beautiful stores - And more. 

Visit today and find a Keffys Mtaani shop in the shopping location of choice. Keffys Mtaani, Chochote utakacho, kwa bei nafuu!

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