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Our History

The idea to build an online shopping platform was developed in 2018 from the desire to revive an old open-air market in Bibirioni Ward, Limuru Constituency, called Gatunyu. At Gatunyu, small scale farmers assembled on set days of the week to sell their surplus farm produce. It eventually closed when most of the farmers decided to seek a larger market by joining the Limuru Food Market, forcing customers from Bibirioni Ward to travel further to buy what's originally produced in the Ward. 

The inconvenience, was what triggered the birth of Keffys formally as Gatunyu.co.ke. Within the early stages of this development, there was a realization that the problem was common across the country hence focus shifted from just Bibirioni Ward to finding a global solution. 

Gatunyu.com later changed to keffys.co.ke. The name Keffys comes from the nickname 'Kefi', which comes from Kevin, in honor and memory of the founder's brother. 

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What We Do

We are a tech company seeking to bring convenience to shoppers, increased sales to sellers, and supply chain management technology to operators in the logistics space. Our products are interlinked, making it easy for users to conveniently and smoothly enjoy the benefits of all the products. At Keffys, we promise:

  1. Low prices
  2. Up to date and easy to use technology
  3. Fast and safe delivery
  4. Excellent in-store shopping experience at any of our Keffys Mtaani stores
  5. Pick up orders ready in 5 minutes

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide businesses in Africa with up to date technology that helps them manage their businesses and serve theri customers efficiently.

What we Value

Quality - Integrity - Efficiency


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