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Our History

The idea of having an online shopping experience was developed in 2018 from the desire to revive an old open-air market in Bibirioni Ward, in Limuru Constituency called Gatunyu, where small scale farmers assembled on set days of the week to sell their surplus farm produce. It eventually closed when most of the farmers decided to seek a larger market by joining Limuru Food Market, forcing customers to travel further to buy the local produce. 

The inconvenience triggered the birth of Gatunyu.co.ke. Within the early stages of this development, there was a realization that the problem was common across the country hence focus shifted from just Bibirioni Ward to find a global solution. 

Gatunyu.com later changed to keffys.co.ke. The name Keffys comes from a nickname 'Kefi', which comes from Kevin, in honor and memory of the founder's brother. 

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What We Do

We are a tech company focused on providing solutions that bring convenience to buyers, increased sales and business management tools to sellers, and supply chain management technology in the logistics space. All our products are interlinked to make it easy for users to conveniently and smoothly enjoy the benefits of all the products with the least amount to no effort at all. Keffys Limited has interests in technology, retail, wholesale, consultancy and business advisory, marketing, logistics and payments. We guarantee our users access to high functioning technology, customized to suit their business need. Majority of our users find 85% of of all Keffys products useful in the day to day running of their business. We continuously improve systems, designs and introduce new tools to maximize the value our users get from using our products. Even with all the benefits, we have maintained affordable prices for all our products to make them accessible to small businesses such as Mama Mbogas. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide small, medium and large-scale businesses with up to date technology solutions that allow them to serve their customers seamlessly and efficiently and manage the business's day to day operations. 

Our Promise

Quality - Integrity - Efficiency

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