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Job Description

A Keffys Agent is a Keffys Limited trained and certified staff whose main job is to make it easier for interested vendors to start selling on Keffys. 

Experience Requirement

No experience is required for this position. You will be trained and certified upon the trainer's satisfaction on your understanding of your role in this position. 

NB: A background or experience in marketing is an added advantage to your income. 

What it Entails 

  1. Approach vendors in your county with information about selling on Keffys.
  2. Help vendors download and apply to start selling on Keffys.
  3. Be a link between Keffys and vendors in your county. 
  4. Answer any questions vendors in your county might have. 
  5. Help vendors set up their online shop by assisting them to accurately add products, stock and prices. 
  6. Be the Keffys ambassador in your county. 
  7. Onboard, train and supervise Keffys Delivery Men in your county. 

Next Step

Keffys Agent who perform well are soon graduated to County Supervisors and put on a monthly salary as part-time employees. Upon the operation managers recommendation after a 3-month performance review as the county supervisor, you will be graduated to a Certified County Manager on a fulltime basis and with an immediate 40% salary increment. 

Mandatory Skills and Requirements

  1. A working smart phone compatible with Keffys Retail App. Download for Android here and for iOS here
  2. Ability to communicate effectively.
  3. Persuasion skills.
  4. Great judgement and decision making skills.
  5.  Ability to learn and take directions. 
  6. Great at working with minimal supervision. 
  7. A great understanding of your county, it's constituencies and wards. 

Additional Skills

  1. Flexibility to travel.
  2. Availability to attend scheduled trainings and retreats as required. 
  3. Dependability and reliability.
  4. Persistence.

Salary and Payment

This is a contract-based position and wages will be agreed upon consideration for hire. Payment will be weekly and bi-weekly based on your type of contract.  

Days and Hours of Work

This position does not have specified hours of days of work. Goals and targets will be set, and you will be provided with all material to achieve them as soon as you can. Upon achieving your goals and targets, you will be remunerated as prescribed in your contract and assigned new targets. 

Please Note: This is a highly competitive position and will only be awarded to the best candidates. 


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