Marketing Manager

Limuru Town, Kiambu

Job Description

Marketing is a core part of any business's growth and it's survival. Marketing managers play a big role in promoting the business's products and services. They develop marketing strategies, generate new business leads and oversee the marketing department staff and it's operations. They also manage marketing budgets and analyze trends.

Experience Requirement

1-5 years of marketing experience.

Job Description

  1. Promoting products, services and brands.
  2. Developing strategies that will enable targeted marketing.
  3. Analyzing current trends throughout the world and apply them where necessary.
  4. Managing marketing platforms and performance analysis.

Mandatory Skills

  1. Expert in Facebook and Instagram marketing.
  2. Expert in managing a YouTube account and in YouTube marketing.
  3. Great teamwork skills.
  4. Great communication and networking skills.
  5. Creative and writing skills.

Additional Skills

  1. Adaptability.
  2. Knowledge of the sales processes.
  3. Knowledge of various technology systems and ability to learn.
  4. Good organizational and planning skills.

Please Note: This position will require you to work from the office from 8:30 AM to 6 PM on Mondays through Friday, and 9 AM to 2 PM on Saturdays.

Recommended: It is recommended that you note your desired pay at the bottom of this application. We also recommend you upload a detailed CV/Resume and any other material you may find necessary for this application.


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