Ever lined up in the supermarket until you wonder whether self-service is really luxury or more work? (Make it worse if everyone in the queue is paying via M-Pesa and they seem to realize it 5 minutes after their shopping is packed and their phone has lighting issues)

Ever gone shopping but forgot to buy one little essential thing, like salt or a matchbox and everything else at that moment did not make sense at? (Your cooker can only light with a matchbox and you just fought with your neighbors for your loud music so you cannot ask them for help-Oh and the nearest shop is 2km away)

Ever had surprise guests and did not know what to offer them because you were doing just fine starving and there’s no food or drink in your house? (‘Isn’t it social etiquette to inform your host when visiting?’ so you think)

Ever wanted to ensure your parents who live miles away have all household needs without necessarily sending them money? (Because if you send them money, they attend all fundraisers in the village and call you mid-month that sugarless tea will kill them)

Ever wanted to surprise your friend with a gift, say a drink or a cake because it’s their birthday or diapers for their newborn child but you cannot manage to travel to them? (Mambo ni mengi, masaa ndio machache)

Ever been to a party and ran out of drinks just when the party was getting lit? (If additional drinks don’t arrive in 2 hours, your best friend will sober up and will stop entertaining everyone with his fictional stories)

Are you working away from home and every now and then you would want your family to know you are thinking about them, maybe buy them monthly shopping, groceries or back-to-school shopping? (Sorry, we know the home sickness is killing you)

Do you own a shop and customers call you to place orders earlier in advance? Do you have a challenge keeping track of debts from your customers? (‘Ulilipa unga moja ukabakisha moja’ then they disagree and say they paid for both and God is their witness)


Keffys Retail got you! While promoting your local vendors, Keffys provides deliveries to your doorstep when you most need it within 2 hours. You can also shop for your loved ones while you are miles away as far as other continents.

Isn’t it amazing that the solution to all this could be on your phone!