Application Sliders Marketing

Marketing is a core part of any business's growth and survival. It is important for any business to maintain visibility constantly to retain its customers and attract new ones. Keffys lifts these burden off of businesses shoulder by providing an high performance, well put together and effective marketing feature on the Keffys shopping app and website. Some of the benefits of these marketing feature include:

  1. Increase visibility within Kenya and to Kenyans in the diaspora.
  2. Ability to market to a targeted population and or location.
  3. Comprehensive marketing analysis at the end of a marketing period. 
  4. Complimentary consultation based on the analysis from our team of marketing experts.
  5. High quality digital material planned and designed by our experts.

How it works

Keffys Retail has over 1400 e-commerce locations that are customized to serve the entire country. Through this sophisticated network, Keffys is able to market your business, service or product to locations of your choice. Below is an example of a slider image targeting Limuru Central in Kiambu County. 

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