Business Performance Reporting

Business Performance Analysis is the evaluation of how a business, an organization, a corporation or individuals working in a business have performed over a certain duration of time in relation to their goals. 

For any business, organization or corporation to grow, it needs a deep understanding of it's results from previous and current practices, placing it in a better suited position to make decisions that will contribute towards it's growth. 

Business Performance Analysis Includes

  1. Income from all revenue sources. 
  2. Financial liabilities.
  3. Return on sale and return on investment.
  4. Profit per staff member and sale per staff member.
  5. Company net worth based on market at time of analysis.
  6. Company goal over the next 3, 5 and 10 years.
  7. Market share and status within the market and industry.
  8. Staff members skills, size and performance.
  9. Financial ratios between assets, liabilities and net worth.

Individual Staff Member Performance Analysis Include

  1. Individual sales metrics.
  2. Projects completed by a deadline.
  3. Employee errors.
  4. Metrics for departments that person leads.
  5. Contribution to specific projects.
  6. Personal soft skill goals and technical skill goals. 

Upon completion of a business and or staff member performance analysis by BExpand, relevant business reports are generated.

A Business Report is an informative document containing important data about your business such as different figures, analyses, research findings and more with the purpose of providing streamlined and digestible information to everyone involved in the business decision making processes. 

 Example of a Keffys Business Report


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