Digital Signage Marketing

Keffys digital signages are electronic displays mounted on the wall of every Keffys Mtaani shop. Digital signages are one of the most effective marketing strategies in this day and age. They work by occasionally displaying preset content for a set duration of time. This solution is best mainly for manufactures trying to launch new products in the Kenyan market and would want Kenyans in local communities to get wind of the new product. They are also effective in marketing local business' new services to walk-in customers. Some of the benefits of Keffys digital signages include;

  1. Increased visibility of your product within targeted locations. 
  2. Product sample availability at Keffys Mtaani shops for customers view, touch and sale.
  3. Pick and prime time marketing targeting walk-in and pickup customers. 
  4. Consistent change of graphics and marketing message as needed. 
  5. High Definition display of marketing material.
  6. Comprehensive marketing performance analysis at the end of each marketing period.  

How it Works 

Keffys Mtaani has multiple digital display screens that enable digital marketing at the point of shopping. Customers who walk-in to the shop are welcomed by beautifully mounted screens displaying marketing material as requested by our clients. Below is an example of digital signages at one of Keffys Mtaani shops. 

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