Onboarding Special

Keffys onboarding is the process through which new business owners, mainly retailers and wholesalers, apply to become Keffys Vendors, get all the necessary materials and credentials, then most importantly carefully add their products to their profile to begin selling on Keffys. 

As easy as onboarding can be, the last part where vendors ass products can be time consuming, a little confusing for first timers and tiring especially for vendors with huge amounts of stock such as supermarkets and mini supermarkets. In an effort to help vendors with this process, Keffys has a network of Certified Onboarding Specialists across the country. 

Certified Onboarding Specialists main job is to accurately add new stock to a vendors profile, and it's correct quantity at the time of going live. They also input correct prices for all products added as guided by the vendor. In addition to this Keffys Certifies Onboarding Specialists are trained to point out other challenges the business might be facing and, with direct communication and access to Keffys customer service, help resolve it. 

Benefits of Utilizing Keffys Certified Onboarding Specialists 

  1. Faster and efficient setup allowing your operations to beginning or resume sooner.
  2. Enhanced accuracy in products addition, stock recording and product price marking. 
  3. Proper transition from your current system into Keffys Retail system.
  4. Education and guidance on how operate the Keffys Retail App and the Retail Web Panel.
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