Product Performance

Keffys product performance is an in depth analysis service undertaken and presented by a Keffys Limited subsidiary, BExpand Limited. Our team of experts collect data from reliable sources, analyze the data and prepare a report of the product or service in question. Among the reliable data collection sources is Keffys Retail which is one of the biggest data source for FMCGs and Keffys Mtaani. Other external sources are used based on the product in question.

Product performance is a service popularly consumed by product manufacturers and service providers. It's important for manufacturers of a product and providers of a service to know it's uptake in the market and variation of it's uptake in different areas. With this information, manufacturers and service providers are able to determine the next course of action. Such actions some times include, increased marketing in areas of poor performance, continuation of same strategies in areas of good performance and among other recommendations from BExpand's team of experts.

Benefits of BExpand's Product Performance Analysis

  1. Comprehensive reports with all the requested data supported by evidence from reliable sources endorsed by the sources owners. 
  2. Easy to read graphs and charts.
  3. Complementary advisory note from our team of experts with detailed recommendations.
  4. BExpand takes an extra step and prepares an additional report detailing comparison with other products in that category.
  5. NUMBERS DON'T LIE. The analysis is derived from numbers on Keffys Retail, Keffys Mtaani and other reliable internal and external sources.  
  6. Location based reports. Using Keffys Retail's systems, BExpand is able to compile a comprehensive report noting down performance of the product in question from location to location.


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