Product Placement Marketing

Product placement is a practice in which manufacturers of products or providers of a service gain exposure of their product by paying for them to be featured in a display or physically placed at a prime and easily visible part of a shop. Keffys offers product placement both digitally through Keffys Retail Shopping and physically through Keffys Mtaani shops. Some of the benefits of product placement include:

  1. Constant display of your product or service and it's description on all high traffic pages.
  2. Prime physical display on all Keffys Mtaani shops where customers can't miss to see.
  3. Good representation and word of mouth advertising by Keffys Mtaani store attendants.
  4. Complementary advertising report including feedback from walk-in customers.
  5. Free consultation of best product placement strategies from our team of marketing experts. 

How it works

Keffys Retail systems are robust and sophisticated. The systems have the ability to strategically display specified products on high traffic pages for maximum viewership. In addition to this, specified products are included in automatic marketing emails therefore ensuring Keffys users constantly see your product or service. 

For physical products needing exposure, Keffys Mtaani strategically places the product at prime spots in the shop where walk-in and order pickup customers can easily see it. With the help of our attendants, customers get all answers they may need about your product on the spot. You enjoy the luxury of your potential customers viewing and physically touching the product, and a good word of it from our attendants. Below are examples of a digital and physical product placements. 

Digital Product Placement: Visit Keffys Ruiru-Biashara Location page to view an example. 

Physical Product Placement: Watch the video below

Popular Packages